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Hitachi 3TB Deskstar 5400 RPM

Just picked up a couple of these Hitachi 3TB Deskstar 5400RPM drives from a sale over at Newegg.ca to test.  These drives are NICE.  I have been using WD drives since they switched over to using fluid dynamic bearings (FDB).  They brought the idle noise down to something bearable.  My previous silent drive benchmark was the Seagate Barracuda IV 80GB which is one of the most quiet drives I’ve ever owned.

Up until this point, my large drive of choice has been the Western Digital 2TB Green, model WD20EADS.  I purchased a set after testing out a few drives to ensure I could set the TLER and WDIDLE parameters on the drive that make it essentially a cheap version of their RAID Edition enterprise class drives.  Their newer drives no longer support this feature so I’ve been on the lookout for something in the event I want to expand my capacity.  I’m currently at the maximum 8 drives that my ARECA ARC-1220 supports, so the only reasonable option is to move to larger capacity drives.


After testing a single drive, this Hitachi 3TB 5400RPM is QUIET.  The idle noise is gentle and the seeks are unobtrusive and difficult to hear even when mounted in my Antec Easy SATA drive bay dock.  Above is a quick test showing transfer rates.  Temperature reached approximately 39 C after this test with no active cooling, and an ambient temperature of approximately 29 C (I’m cheap with my air conditioning).

I am very tempted to purchase another 8 of these to migrate my RAID volume.  The problem is, my current array of 8×2 in RAID6 is nearly full.  I would need several extra drives to complete a proper migration.  Or I could purchase a larger RAID controller.

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