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nVidia GeForce 310 512MB

Geforce 310 Card

Been toying around with some cheapo nVidia Geforce 310 cards. They’re something to toss in if you just need to output video, with a DisplayPort and VGA ports. It’s also slightly better than the GT210’s that the old Mac Pro models embarrassingly came with.  It’s not noisy, but it’s not silent either.  The non-standard mounting holes doesn’t make it easy for aftermarket cooling either!

After a bit of tinkering and some more searching, I managed to get dual display out of this thing using the following NVCAP:


Here are a couple of other ones that may be of use depending on the configuration of your own card:


(Sourced from: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=205995)

Using the VGA/DVI-I NVCAP and EFI Studio to generate a string for the 8400GS  512MB (with a bit of tweaking), it now detects perfectly!

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10.6.5 Update

I’m a few days behind, but finally got my HackPro 4.1 updated to 10.6.5!


My setup is pretty simple, so the only steps required were:

1. Update to 10.6.5
2. Roll back AppleHDA.Kext to 10.6.2 to fix sound and sleep
3. Install i3 update for System Profiler.

I used MultiBeast 2.4.1 for steps 2+3.

Everything’s working well, and I also installed the “Jailbroken” USB3 drivers that Cartri has so kindly hosted.

Recently sold my HD5870, so I’ve switched my main computer over to a HD5770. It works quite nicely using Kabyl’s boot loader. Also purchased a cheap $10 Mini DisplayPort->VGA adapter and it works quite nicely!

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HD5870 + OSX + 3 Displays

Finally able to get my Radeon HD5870 1GB working with my HackPro 4.1.

After using netkas’s 5870 hack, a few guys over at InsanelyMac got it working using an ATI ROM and new boot loader.

No more issues with 2560×1600 requiring the display to sleep before it works. Also, all three monitors are working as well! 2 x DVI + 1 x DisplayPort to DVI (using an active adapter).
Steps are as follows (replicated from the InsanelyMac post):

1. Install all kext’s found on netkas’s post, EXCLUDING ATY_init.kext
2. Grab your ATI ROM and stick it in /Extras, naming it properly
3. Install the new boot7 loader
4. Boot with flags UseAtiRom=Yes GraphicsEnabler=Yes

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