Hotrodding the X-Fi

Way back when I had an Audigy 2 ZS, I read about how this guy was selling modified cards with replaced opamps. After I blew up my Audigy 2 ZS, I went out and bought an X-Fi. The card sounds great, drives my headphones without need of an additional amplifier, and has amazing 3D simulation for gaming. A couple months ago I read this guide for modifying the Creative Soundblaster X-Fi to give improved audio quality. So I decided that I’d finally go through with it, finishing school, having time for projects and all.

Last week I ordered a sample of the LM4562 opamp from National Semiconductor. Today, while I was watching some Scrubs, a loud knock on the door from the UPS guy later, I have my opamps.

After some shaky soldering and mounting it slightly offset (but with good a good soldering contact), the opamp is finally in place. Now time to burn it in!

Next up is to order some Blackgate capacitors to replace the stock Jamicon.


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