HD5870 + OSX + 3 Displays

Finally able to get my Radeon HD5870 1GB working with my HackPro 4.1.

After using netkas’s 5870 hack, a few guys over at InsanelyMac got it working using an ATI ROM and new boot loader.

No more issues with 2560×1600 requiring the display to sleep before it works. Also, all three monitors are working as well! 2 x DVI + 1 x DisplayPort to DVI (using an active adapter).
Steps are as follows (replicated from the InsanelyMac post):

1. Install all kext’s found on netkas’s post, EXCLUDING ATY_init.kext
2. Grab your ATI ROM and stick it in /Extras, naming it properly
3. Install the new boot7 loader
4. Boot with flags UseAtiRom=Yes GraphicsEnabler=Yes

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