Finally fixed my Zen Micro

I remember when I got my Creative Zen Micro 5GB. It was amazing compared to my old Sony Minidisc player. I could use it as USB mass storage if I brought the cable with me, it played radio, it recorded lectures.

Then the headphone jack on it had to start becoming flakey. I could nudge the headphone plug around and get sound out of both sides. Other times, it would sound like half the song is missing… all of this due to a shoddy soldering job that was prone to breaking.

A couple months after my Zen started flaking, I took the opportunity to upgrade my cell phone to a Sony Ericsson W810i. This thing was only slightly larger than the phone it replaced (T637), but it had a 2 megapixel camera, an FM radio tuner, and an MP3 player. Needless to say, my Zen sat in a drawer for the longest time, until today.

Today I decided to head to an electronics store down the street to get equipment so I could be prepared to Hotrod my Creative X-Fi. As I opened my drawer to look at my soldering iron, I noticed that the tip of it was used quite heavily and in no shape to solder the tiny legs on the opamp. I also noticed the Zen sitting in a little basket.

So I went out, and came back with a few new things (like a soldering iron stand, finally!). Loaded up a really handy guide and got to work on my Zen Micro. Following the simple instructions from “Creative Zen Micro Headphone Jack Fix“, I completed the steps in about 15 minutes.

Now that my Zen Micro is fixed, I don’t know what else to do with it.

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