CMoy Pocket Amplifier

I woke up this morning and knew I had to finish building my CMoy. I had mostly finished the build, only I needed to mount everything in the case, an empty Altoids tin. Because I’m currently borrowing a PIMETA from my housemate, I wanted to add a DC power connector to my CMoy so I wouldn’t be burning through 9V batteries. After a quick trip to Honson Computers (Supremetronic in disguise), I came out with a wall wart, a DC jack, and some additional parts for future builds. Around the corner I picked up a $1.50 hole punch from a Chinatown dollar store and made it back home.

Punching holes in the tin was very easy, although I managed to punch the DC power hole too high so that it interferes slightly with the lid. A bit of debugging later (who knew that my 3M electrical tape was slightly conductive?), everything is mounted in nicely and I now have a completed CMoy pocket amplifier.

Next up is either an improved CMoy with less cluttered wiring and higher quality parts, or a beginner PIMETA.

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