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OnePlus One Unboxing


It’s been a few months since I sold my iPhone 5 and went back to a BlackBerry as my daily phone.  I had been using a Z10 on the side for a few months now (prior it was a Q10).  As a colleague at work said to me “Oh, you have the s–t phone too”, I was looking forward to a new and better phone.

Chance was on my side and I was able to order a OnePlus One on the evening of July 25th.   I claimed the invite and within seconds I had paid with PayPal and was anxiously waiting for my new phone to arrive.  I wasn’t eager to spend 4 hours driving to the border to save $10 in shipping and scam my way past the border to avoid tax.  Shipping to Canada cost an additional $28 USD.  They ended up shipping using DHL and I received it on July 29th.

The breakdown of costs for me is as follows:

$349 for the phone
$27.99 shipping to Canada
$376.99 USD paid via PayPal, linked to my Amazon VISA which charges only the FX rate.
This becomes $407.67  @ $1.081381469 USDCAD via Amazon VISA

DHL COD cost $58.28.
$42.18 for Ontario tax + $10+$1.30 processing fee + $4.25+$0.55 COD.

Total cost out of pocket is $465.95 CAD.

It has a very premium feel as soon as you remove it from the inexpensive bubble-wrap mailer they used to ship.  The detail they put into designing the packaging makes for a very memorable experience.  I sat at the red pull tab for five whole minutes.  I texted my friend who told me “There is a brown box, a white box, and a red box.  Three levels to clear before you complete the task!”

I promptly started pulling on the string and documented the experience with photos to share with you here.   It’s been a while since my last fling with Android — my last device was a Galaxy Nexus, though I was forced to give it up for an iPhone 4 soon after due to corporate email support at my workplace.  I will write about my experience with the phone after I’ve had a chance to use it more.

Yes I left the stock screen protector on as I am waiting for a variety of screen protectors to arrive and did not want to chance scratching my screen.

I hope you enjoy.

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