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Look twice before you add to cart

Notice anything funny about this box of orange juice on the shelf of a No Frills store?

No Name Orange Juice

A quick glance will show “pulp free 100% pure orange juice”. ¬†Orange juice not from concentrate is never this cheap unless it’s on sale due to a new brand being promoted.

I grabbed a box off the shelf and then ended up putting it back on the shelf.

The house brand of the store sneakily uses their store shelving to their advantage, concealing the “from concentrate” line of text with the horizontal bars that keep the product from falling off the shelf. ¬†Very clever.

I opted to purchase a jug of President’s Choice Blue Menu Orange Juice (not from concentrate) at which point, after having watched me carefully choose the type of OJ to purchase, a mother instructed her daughter to grab the same type of juice and to put back “that other junk”.

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