Black Gates have arrived

Thanks to Parts Connexion, I was finally able to complete my X-Fi hotrodding. I replaced the Jamicon capacitor, which are known to deviate significantly from specification over time, with Rubycon Black Gate capacitors. These are among the best electrolytic capacitors available.

Desoldering the old capacitor took forever. With my 45W soldering iron, it took a few minutes to free each leg. With the aid of solder wick, plenty of flux, and a pin, I managed to clean out the hole and push the gigantic legs of the Black Gate through the holes, and get it soldered into place. I spent nearly an hour replacing one capacitor, compared to the 30 minutes I spent replacing the opamp.

I’ve also been building a budget CMoy amplifier. Tomorrow I get to buy a hole puncher so I can mount everything in an Altoids tin.

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