10.6.5 Update

I’m a few days behind, but finally got my HackPro 4.1 updated to 10.6.5!


My setup is pretty simple, so the only steps required were:

1. Update to 10.6.5
2. Roll back AppleHDA.Kext to 10.6.2 to fix sound and sleep
3. Install i3 update for System Profiler.

I used MultiBeast 2.4.1 for steps 2+3.

Everything’s working well, and I also installed the “Jailbroken” USB3 drivers that Cartri has so kindly hosted.

Recently sold my HD5870, so I’ve switched my main computer over to a HD5770. It works quite nicely using Kabyl’s boot loader. Also purchased a cheap $10 Mini DisplayPort->VGA adapter and it works quite nicely!

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